Mad as Hell

This video projection was meant to be a performance piece between me and the other guitarist in the video, Aiden. He played analog guitar effects through pedals while I played a clean acoustic guitar. The video images were appropriated from speeches, protests and riots and is meant to reflect the growing tension and anger among Americans on both sides of emerging social issues.


The Faucets are Fauceting

This project was in correlation with my MUS 409 (Electronic Composition) class. The purpose of my audio was to get the impression across that inanimate household objects are communicating with each other. The video I recorded corresponded with the audio samples I used. The words I wrote on the paper were of a poem titled, “There Will Come Soft Rains,” which is how nature will continue to flourish after humanity has perished. This poem was recited by a machine to an empty bed in an abandoned house in the book, The Martian Chronicles.