ART 451 Project: November 23rd to November 30th

I officially finished my month long filming for the stop light project on November 25th. The end of my filming cycle came with enormous relief as I no longer had to log all of my red lights. This was especially nice because thanksgiving was nearby and I had to drive family members around. The holidays did put me a bit behind track, however. It was time for me to crack down on my project if I were to ever get it finished by December 4th.


ART 451 Project: November 16th to November 23rd

I did not do any video editing this week, but I kept filming myself. Filming on a daily basis became increasingly difficult.  I started running into problems with my SD cards getting full. I could just transfer my files over to my laptop either because my hard drive’s memory was full. I had an external hard drive I was also using, but the space on that was almost full as well. I needed to edit down my footage to keep up with my overwhelming hard drive.

Lecture Review:Yes Men Fix the World

The Yes Man are a group of organized protesters who are trying to improve the world by enacting hoax demonstrations and performances that raise awareness on serious social and environmental issues. In their latest film entitled, “The Yes Men are Revolting,” the two heads of the group, Mike and Andy, are portrayed coming to terms with the struggles of political activism. In a time where the cries of the silent majority seem louder than ever before, Mike and Andy are prepared to ride the wave and strike the hearts of politicians and business men alike.

The main targets of Mike and Andy in this 3rd documentary installment are Shell, the Chamber of Congress, and any lobbyists that are against climate change. In one of their demonstrations, The Yes Men impersonated Shell executives and held a conference at the Seattle Space Needle for the very real oil mechanism shell proposed for drilling in the arctic. Their presentation was very humorous and satirical. Some of the visual elements included a body builder with a Shell t-shirt on with the Slogan, “We’re Pumped,” written on it. Part of their presentation video included an animation of the oil driller with dollar signs spewing from the top. To top of their stunt, the Yes Men built a scaled model of the oil driller for the press conference that also serves as a water fountain for coffee. The Yes Men then invited an old lady up and the model wound up spewing coffee all over her. The incident was filmed and the hoax went viral.

One interesting thing about this film was that it showed the Yes Men’s failures as well as their successes. One such failure involved a sailing a fake caged polar bear and a fake Russian CEO of an oil company. The film also showed Mike’s family life progressing and his time being taken away from Yes Men while Andy sees a decline in his personal life due to his involvement in the Yes Men. They were questioning in this film the purpose of their existence if big businesses are just going to succeed anyway. This doubt is lifted though with the emergence of Occupy Wall Street. Mike and Andy would soon realize that it is their collection of demonstrations in correspondence with the Occupy Wall Street movement and other activist movements that help to inform the population and garner the support they need to make a positive change.

ART 451 Project: November 9th to November 16th

I continued filming and editing my stop light video this week. It became increasingly difficult to keep track of my footage. The Go Pro Hero 3 camera continued to have problems with either not turning on or not turning off.

I brought the battery pack into the digital media lab in hopes that Serina had a new one to give me. Thankfully she did have one, but this battery pack presented the same problem as the other battery pack. The Go Pro Hero 3 also continued to having problems shutting on. I continued to film what I could, regardless of whether both cameras worked or not.


Art 451 Project: Week 10 November 2nd to November 9th

This week I did more video editing as well as planning on how I want to display my exhibition. I wanted my exhibition to be fun and playful, rather than simplified. I figured my videos are an exploration of time and space among other things. Why not mess around with my exhibit space to make it more exciting? Initially, I wanted 6 flat screen TVs of the same size and proportion displaying my stop light videos. Each screen would be a different edit of my footage. Some ideas I had in mind were an edit that was speed up twice as fast, an edit of my videos going backwards, etc. My initial display idea was slick but I soon found out that the The Digital Media Studio is limited on their TVs however, so I’ve decided to provide my own TVs and dvd players for the most part. I just ask that Joe provides me with one monitor and a DVD player. It doesn’t even have to be a flat screen TV. I am also thinking about having my TV set up in the miniature Gallery in the CFA building near room 208 or in the main hallway downstairs near the Sheppfield gallery.

I plan on getting my TVs and DVD players through the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and through craigslist. My final display will depend on the TVs I obtain but I’m hoping to get a combination of older tube television sets of different sizes as well as the sleeker and more modern flat screen TVs. I may also get a desk or other furnishing to hold my TV sets on as well as a wall mount. For reiteration purposes and overall appeal of the environment, I am considering hanging portraits on the walls of stills of me at stop lights in addition to a digital picture frame on my desk that cycles through multiple stills from my stop light project.

Art 451 Project: Week 10 October 26th to November 2nd

I began editing my footage this week as my stop light project went underway. I decided to use Adobe Premiere to Edit my footage. I have decided to store all of my premiere files and go pro files onto an external hard drive so that I may edit my footage anywhere that’s convenient for me and I don’t have to worry about taking up too much space on my computer.

My editing process involves working on each of my individual clips. I mark the time and date at the beginning of each of my trips to pinpoint which signal and cam footage corresponds with which as well as for chronological purposes in my editing. My signal videos were filmed upside down due to the position of the suction mount so I used the motion effect to rotate the footage.

I started a table to correlate with my video footage. This will help me keep track of different elements of my clips. I will also include this table in my exhibit once I have completed my project.

stop light table


For my Diptych, I chose to use the same video twice but alter it so the final presentation makes up a completely different video when the two are played simultaneously together side by side. I overlaid the video on top of itself in premiere and used the motion effect to change the positioning of both videos so that it appears to be split in half and their sides are reversed. This way, in the projected showing, there will be one video clearly centered on the wall with sides that are split up. I also added a granular effect to my video. Every time my audio includes the sound of my off balance vinyl recording, I have a granular effect pop up on the screen. It is intentional that the granular effect and sounds in the video are beckoning to my dog, Benny, as he raises his head up every time the sound and effect appears.