Lecture Review: Phillip Zimmerman

Phillip Zimmerman presented a lecture at the university on book art. I have rarely had the pleasure of glancing through art books in my life except for maybe pop-up books when I was child. Book art is similar though not necessarily silly or childish or too serious either, but certainly is an intrinsic art form.

Zimmerman showed many of the different printing presses he worked with in his younger days. Many of these machines looked old and outdated and I’ll bet most if any of them aren’t used today. There is a certain appeal to the older printing presses, however. They were built to be powerful machines both in their capabilities and in the strength of the words they were printing.

What I find interesting about Zimmerman and his use of printing presses to create artful books is the passion he displays for these machines and art that lead him to create it himself. He does a great job of it too. One of his art books comes with some outdated audio tape technology I’m not even familiar with. Another book called Celsius 233 comes with a video that plays along side it. His book, ‘High Tension’ Is read through flipping through two different interconnected flaps. The creativity that stems from his books made me want an art book for my own bookshelf.


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