Exhibit Review: MFA Midway

The gallery at the Jot Travis Building was set up with distinctive variety with the three MFA student exhibitions.

The first exhibition near the front of the gallery was called ‘Tomorrow, Then’ by Tom Drakulich. It featured three dark grayish sculptures that were contorted and misshapen. One of the sculptures looked like a torso without a head. Another looked like one long gigantically warped face, and the other looked like a headless lady balancing a shoe on her neck. What does any of this have to do with tomorrow or then? Well I have no clue. I could never understand what lead to this artist’s decision with anything in this project.

The second exhibition was far more graspable in concept and image. the piece entitled Kiowa Pond by Konah Zebert is a series of photographs of a pond by the same name. The impact of the images came from what was lurking within the depths of the pond, however, which were car parts. The whole pond was tinted a murky black with pieces of metal sticking out everywhere.

The final exhibition all the way in the back of the gallery was the most fun. Recurring Dreams by Quynh Tran, featured light, fabric-y paper that covered the walls. The paper was filed with blotches of bright colors all over the place. There was a definite pattern though to the chaotic splashes of color. Long strips of the same type of paper with the patterns sprung off the walls and connected to other walls, giving the piece a sense that it was coming to life. It was a fun and pleasant way to end this gallery visit.


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